DATE(I)                      11/1/73                      DATE(I)


     date - print and set the date


     date [ mmddhhmm[yy] ]


     If no argument is given, the current date is printed to  the

     second.   If  an argument is given, the current date is set.

     The first mm is the month number; dd is the  day  number  in

     the  month;  hh  is  the  hour  number (24 hour system); the

     second mm is the minute number; yy is the last 2  digits  of

     the year number and is optional.  For example:

           date 10080045

     sets the date to Oct 8, 12:45 AM.  The current year  is  the

     default  if  no  year  is mentioned.  The system operates in

     GMT.  Date takes care of the conversion to  and  from  local

     standard and daylight time.


     `bad conversion' if the argument is syntactically incorrect.