STTY(I)                      6/12/72                      STTY(I)


     stty - set teletype options


     stty option ...


     Stty will set certain I/O  options  on  the  current  output

     teletype.    The   option  strings  are  selected  from  the

     following set:

     even       allow even parity

     -even      disallow even parity

     odd        allow odd parity

     -odd       disallow odd parity

     raw        raw mode input (no erase, kill, interrupt,  quit,

               EOT; parity bit passed back)

     -raw       negate raw mode

     -nl        allow carriage return for  new-line,  and  output

               CR-LF for carriage return or new-line

     nl         accept only new-line to end lines

     echo       echo back every character typed

     -echo      do not echo characters

     lcase      map upper case to lower case

     -lcase     do not map case

     -tabs      replace tabs by spaces in output

     tabs       preserve tabs

     delay      calculate cr, tab, and form-feed delays

     -delay     no cr/tab/ff delays

     tdelay     calculate tab delays

     -tdelay    no tab delays


     stty (II)


     There should be `package' options such as execuport, 33,  or