WC(I)                        3/10/74                        WC(I)


     wc - word count


     wc [ -rlwapc ] [ name ... ]


     Wc counts lines and words in the  named  files,  or  in  the

     standard  input  if  no  name  appears.  A word is a maximal

     string of  ascii  graphics  delimited  by  spaces,  tabs  or

     newlines.  Other characters are always ignored.

     Any of the following options may appear in any order.   When

     any  option  other  than  -r  appears,  only  the  specified

     information is reported in the order in  which  the  options

     occur.  Otherwise, printing is as with option -lw.

     -r   Ignore all roff, nroff and troff  control  lines,  i.e.

         lines beginngin with `.' or `''.

     -l   Print count of lines

     -w   Print count of words

     -a   Print count of alphanumeric  strings,  with  underscore

         taken as alphanumeric.

     -p   Print count of punctuation strings, i.e. all strings of

         printing characters other than alphanumerics.

     -c   Print count of roff control lines, regardless of -r.


     `Cannot open' for unopenable file.