MAIL(I)                      5/15/74                      MAIL(I)


     mail  -  send mail to another user


     mail [ -yn ]

     mail letter person ...

     mail person


     Mail without an argument searches for a file called mailbox,

     prints  it  if  present, and asks if it should be saved.  If

     the answer is y, the mail is renamed mbox, otherwise  it  is

     deleted.   Mail with a -y or -n argument works the same way,

     except that the answer to the question is  supplied  by  the


     When followed by the names of  a  letter  and  one  or  more

     people,  the  letter  is prepended to each person's mailbox.

     When a person is specified without a letter, the  letter  is

     taken  from  the sender's standard input up to an EOT.  Each

     letter is preceded by the sender's name and a postmark.

     A person is either a user name recognized by login, in which

     case  the  mail  is sent to the default working directory of

     that user, or the path name of a directory,  in  which  case

     mailbox in that directory is used.

     When a user logs in he is informed of the presence of mail.


     /etc/passwd     to identify sender and locate persons

     mailbox         input mail

     mbox            saved mail

     /tmp/mtm?       temp file


     login (I)