LN(I)                        3/15/72                        LN(I)


     ln  -  make a link


     ln name1 [ name2 ]


     A link is a directory entry referring to a  file;  the  same

     file   (together   with   its   size,   all  its  protection

     information, etc) may have several links to it.  There is no

     way  to  distinguish  a  link  to  a  file from its original

     directory entry; any  changes  in  the  file  are  effective

     independently of the name by which the file is known.

     Ln creates a link to an existing file name1.   If  name2  is

     given, the link has that name; otherwise it is placed in the

     current directory and its name  is  the  last  component  of


     It is forbidden to link to a directory  or  to  link  across

     file systems.




     There is nothing particularly wrong with ln, but tp  doesn't

     understand  about  links and makes one copy for each name by

     which a file is known; thus if the tape is extracted several

     copies  are  restored  and  the  information that links were

     involved is lost.