11/3/71                                                     B (I)

NAME            B -- language

SYNOPSIS        sh rc /usr/b/rc name

DESCRIPTION     B is a language suitable for system programming.

                It is described is a separate publication B ref-

                erence manual.

                The canned shell sequence in /usr/b/rc will com-

                pile the program name.b into the executable file

                a.out.  It involves running the B compiler, the B

                assembler, the assembler and the link editor.

                The process leaves the files name.i and name.s in

                the current directory.

FILES           name.b, name.i, name.s.

SEE ALSO        /etc/bc, /etc/ba, /etc/brt1, /etc/brt2,

                /etc/bilib, /etc/libb.a, B reference manual.

DIAGNOSTICS     see B reference manual

BUGS            There should be a B command.

OWNER           ken, dmr