11/3/71                                                  BOOT (I)

NAME            boot  --  reboot system

SYNOPSIS        /etc/boot

DESCRIPTION     boot logically a command, and is kept in /etc

                only to lessen the probability of its being in-

                voked by accident or from curiosity.  It reboots

                the system by jumping to the read-only memory,

                which contains a disk boot program.

FILES           --

SEE ALSO        boot procedure


BUGS            Should obviously not be executable by the general

                user.  Also, it should reboot in a more direct

                manner.  The mechanism invoked by jumping to the

                ROM loader is sensitive to the contents of the

                console switches, which makes the whole procedure

                even more dangerous.

                Rather than jumping to the ROM, boot should simu-

                late the ROM action with 173700 in the switches.

                In this manner, It may be used when the switches

                are not set, and even in installation without a


OWNER           ken