11/3/71                                                   FOR (I)

NAME            for -- fortran

SYNOPSIS        for file

DESCRIPTION     for is a nearly complete fortran compiler.  file

                is the name of a fortran source program to be

                compiled.  The following is a list of differences

                between for and ANSI standard fortran:

                1. arbitrary combination of types are allowed in

                   expressions. Not all combinations are expected

                   to be supported at runtime.  All of the normal

                   conversions involving integer, real and double

                   precision are allowed.

FILES           f.tmp1, 2 3     temporary

                /etc/f1, 2 3 4  passes

                /etc/xx         runtime

SEE ALSO        --

DIAGNOSTICS     Diagnostics are given by number.  If the source

                code is available, it is printed with an under-

                line at the current character pointer.  A listing

                of error numbers is avilable.

BUGS            The following is a list of those features not yet



                arithmetic statement functions

                data statements

                complex constants

                hollerith constants

                continuation cards

OWNER           dmr, ken