11/3/71                                                  MAIL (I)

NAME            mail  --  send mail to another user

SYNOPSIS        mail [ letter person ... ]

DESCRIPTION     mail without an argument searches for a file

                called mailbox, prints it if present, and asks if

                it should be saved.  If the answer is "y", the

                mail is renamed mail, otherwise it is deleted.

                The answer to the above question may be supplied

                by the letter argument.

                When followed by the names of a letter and one or

                more people, the letter is appended to each

                person's mailbox.  Each letter is preceded by the

                sender's name and a postmark.

                A person is either the name of an entry in the

                directory /usr, in which case the mail is sent to

                /usr/person/mailbox, or the path name of a direc-

                tory, in which case mailbox in that directory is


                When a user logs in he is informed of the pres-

                ence of mail.

FILES           /etc/uids to map the sender's numerical ID to

                name; mail and mailbox in various directories.

SEE ALSO        init

DIAGNOSTICS     "Who are you?"  if the user cannot be identified

                for some reason (a bug).  "Cannot send to user"

                if mailbox cannot be opened.

BUGS            --

OWNER           ken