11/3/71                                                  TYPE (I)

NAME            type  --  type on 2741

SYNOPSIS        type name  ...

DESCRIPTION     type produces output on an IBM 2741 terminal with

                a Correspondence type ball.

                type uses typewriter tty5, which, because of the

                lack of access ports, is also used as a standard

                communication channel.  Therefore, who should be

                used to verify the absence of a user on tty5.

                The method is as follows: type the type command.

                It will wait until tty5 is dialled up.  When the

                phone answers, depress the interrupt button after

                paper has been loaded, and the first file will be

                typed.  type spaces out to the end of a sheet of

                paper and waits until the interrupt button is de-

                pressed before beginning each new file.

FILES           /dev/tty5

SEE ALSO        who


BUGS            Obviously some scheme is needed to prevent inter-

                ference between normal users and type.  The best

                thing would be to support 2741's as a standard


OWNER           dmr