11/3/71                                                   RKF (I)

NAME            rkf  --  format RK disk to tape

SYNOPSIS        rkf

DESCRIPTION     rkf formats a virgin disk pack.  Because it de-

                stroys all information on that pack, and because

                it is not interlocked against file system activ-

                ity on the pack, the rkf program is not main-

                tained in executable form.  Instead the source

                must be located and assembled.

FILES           none (uses physical I/O on drive 0).

SEE ALSO        --

DIAGNOSTICS     "error" is printed and a core image is produced

                if a write error occurs.  A copy of the RK status

                register is in register 5.

BUGS            As mentioned, rkf is not interlocked against sys-

                tem I/O; if I/O is already occurring, it will be

                badly disrupted.  In any event, all information

                on the pack is destroyed.

OWNER           ken, dmr