11/3/71                                                  MKFS (I)

NAME            mkfs  --  make file system

SYNOPSIS        /etc/mkfs t

                /etc/mkfs r

DESCRIPTION     mkfs initializes either a DECtape (argument "t")

                or an RK03 disk pack (argument "r") so that it

                contains an empty file system.  mkfs or its

                equivalent must be used before a tape or pack can

                be mounted as a file system.

                In both cases the super-block, i-list, and free

                list are initialized, and a root directory con-

                taining entries for "." and ".." are created.

                For RK03's the number of available blocks is

                4872, for tapes 578.

                This program is kept in /etc to avoid inadvertant

                use and consequent destruction of information.

FILES           /dev/tap0, /dev/rk0

SEE ALSO        --

DIAGNOSTICS     "Arg count", "Unknown argument", "Open error".

BUGS            --

OWNER           ken, dmr