11/3/71                                                   DTF (I)

NAME            dtf -- DECtape format

SYNOPSIS        /etc/dtf

DESCRIPTION     dtf will write timing tracks, mark tracks and

                block numbers on a virgin DECtape.  The format is

                DEC standard of 578 blocks of 256 words each.

                The end zones are a little longer than standard


                Before use, the tape to be formatted should be

                mounted on drive 0.  The 'wall' and 'wtm'

                switches should be enabled.  After the tape is

                formatted, the switches should be disabled to

                prevent damage to subsequent tapes due to a con-

                troller logic error.

FILES           --

SEE ALSO        sdate

DIAGNOSTICS     "?" is typed for any error detected.

BUGS            This program does physical I/O on drive 0.  The

                processor priority is set very high due to very

                stringent real time requirements.  This means

                that all time sharing activities are suspended

                during the formatting (about 1.5 minutes) The

                real time clock will also be slow.

OWNER           ken