11/3/71                                                 CHECK (I)

NAME            check -- file system consistency check

SYNOPSIS        check [ filesystem [ blockno  ... ] ]

DESCRIPTION     check will examine a file system, build a bit map

                of used blocks, and compare this bit map against

                the bit map maintained on the file system.  If

                the file system is not specified, a check of both

                /dev/rf0 and /dev/rk0 is performed.  Output in-

                cludes the number of files on the file system,

                the number of these that are 'large', the number

                of used blocks, and the number of free blocks.

FILES           /dev/rf0, /dev/rk0

SEE ALSO        find

DIAGNOSTICS     Diagnostics are produced for blocks missing, du-

                plicated, and bad block addresses.  Diagnostics

                are also produced for block numbers passed as pa-

                rameters.  In each case, the block number, i-

                number, and block class (i = inode, x indirect, f

                free) is printed.

BUGS            The checking process is two pass in nature.  If

                checking is done on an active file system, extra-

                neous diagnostics may occur.

                The swap space on the RF file system is not ac-

                counted for and will therefore show up as `miss-


OWNER           ken, dmr