AS (I)                       1/15/73                       AS (I)

NAME            as -- assembler

SYNOPSIS        as [ - ] name  ...

DESCRIPTION     as assembles the concatenation of name , ....  If
                the optional first argument - is used, all unde-

                fined symbols in the assembly are treated as glo-


                The output of the assembly is left on the file

                "a.out".  It is executable if no errors occurred

                during the assembly.

FILES           /etc/as2        pass 2 of the assembler

                /tmp/atm1?      temporary

                /tmp/atm2?      temporary

                /tmp/atm3?      temporary

                a.out           object

SEE ALSO        ld(I), nm(I), un(I), db(I), a.out(V), "UNIX As-

                sembler Manual".

DIAGNOSTICS     When an input file cannot be read, its name fol-

                lowed by a question mark is typed and assembly

                ceases.  When syntactic or semantic errors occur,

                a single-character diagnostic is typed out to-

                gether with the line number and the file name in

                which it occurred.  Errors in pass 1 cause can-

                cellation of pass 2.  The possible errors are:

                )  parentheses error

                ]  parentheses error

                <  String not terminated properly

                *  Indirection ("*") used illegally

                .  Illegal assignment to "."

                A  error in Address

                B  Branch instruction is odd or too remote

                E  error in Expression

                F  error in local ("F" or "b") type symbol

                G  Garbage (unknown) character

                I  End of file inside an If

                M  Multiply defined symbol as label

                O  Odd-- word quantity assembled at odd address

                P  Phase error-- "." different in pass 1 and 2

                R  Relocation error

                U  Undefined symbol

                X  syntaX error

BUGS            Symbol table overflow is not checked.