TMG (I)                     10/21/72                      TMG (I)

NAME            tmg -- compiler compiler

SYNOPSIS        tmg name

DESCRIPTION     tmg produces a translator for the language whose

                parsing and translation rules are described in

                file name.t.  The new translator appears in a.out

                and may be used thus:

                             a.out input [ output ]

                Except in rare cases input must be a randomly ad-

                dressable file.  If no output file is specified,

                the standard output file is assumed.

FILES           /sys/tmg/tmgl.o -- the compiler-compiler

                /sys/tmg[abc] -- libraries

                alloc.d -- table storage

SEE ALSO        A Manual for the Tmg Compiler-writing Language,


DIAGNOSTICS     Syntactic errors result in "???" followed by the

                offending line.

                Situations such as space overflow with which the

                Tmg processor or a Tmg-produced processor can not

                cope result in a descriptive comment and a dump.

BUGS            9.2 footnote 1 is not enforced, causing trouble.

                Restrictions (7.) against mixing bundling primi-

                tives should be lifted.

                Certain hidden reserved words exist: gpar,

                classtab, trans.

                Octal digits include 8=10 and 9=11.