CRYPT (I)                   10/23/71                    CRYPT (I)

NAME            crypt -- encode/decode

SYNOPSIS        crypt [ password ]

DESCRIPTION     crypt is an exact implementation of Boris

                Hagelin's cryptographic machine called the M-209

                by the U. S. Army [1].

                crypt reads from the standard input file and

                writes on the standard output.  For a given pass-

                word, the encryption process is idempotent; that


                        crypt znorkle <clear >cypher

                        crypt znorkle <cypher

                will print the clear.

                crypt is suitable for use as a filter:

                        pr <"crypt bandersnatch"<cypher

FILES           --

SEE ALSO        [1] U. S. Patent 2,089,603.


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