LS (I)                       3/15/72                       LS (I)

NAME            ls  --  list contents of directory

SYNOPSIS        ls [ -ltasd ] name  ...

DESCRIPTION     ls lists the contents of one or more directories

                under control of several options:

                  -l list in long format, giving i-number, mode,

                     owner, size in bytes, and time of last modi-

                     fication for each file.  (see stat for for-

                     mat of the mode)

                  -t sort by time modified (latest first) instead

                     of by name, as is normal

                  -a list all entries; usually those beginning

                     with "." are suppressed

                  -s give size in blocks for each entry

                  -d if argument is a directory, list only its

                     name, not its contents (mostly used with "-

                     l" to get status on directory)

                If no argument is given, "." is listed.  If an

                argument is not a directory, its name is given.

FILES           /etc/passwd to get user ID's for ls -l

SEE ALSO        stat(I)

DIAGNOSTICS     "name nonexistent"; "name unreadable"; "name un-


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