VS (I)                       2/13/73                        VS(I)

NAME            vs -- phoneme list to voice synthesizer

SYNOPSIS        vs

DESCRIPTION     vs accepts phoneme descriptor lists and trans-

                lates them into byte strings suitable for the

                Federal Screw Works Voice Synthesizer.  Phoneme

                descritors should be separated by commas and have

                the general form "%NIxx" where "xx" is a one or

                two character phoneme name, "I" is an optional

                inflection parameter, and "%N" is an optional

                count of the number of times the phoneme is to be

                repeated (maximum 9).  "I" can have the values 0,

                1, 2, 3 representing decreasing strength (default

                is 2).  A description of the phonemes and their

                names can be found in the file vsp(VII).  For ex-



                will generate the word "outrageous".  The output

                is buffered; a newline will cause the buffered

                output to be sent to the Voice Synthesizer.

FILES           -

SEE ALSO        vsp(VII), speak(I)


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