TSS (I)                      3/15/72                      TSS (I)

NAME            tss -- interface to Honeywell TSS

SYNOPSIS        tss

DESCRIPTION     tss will call the Honeywell 6070 on the 201 data

                phone.  It will then go into direct access with

                TSS.  Output generated by TSS is typed on the

                standard output and input requested by TSS is

                read from the standard input with UNIX typing


                An interrupt signal (ASCII DEL) is transmitted as

                a "break" to TSS.

                Input lines beginning with ! are interpreted as

                UNIX commands.  Input lines beginning with ~ are

                interpreted as commands to the interface routine.

                ~<file  insert input from named UNIX file

                ~>file  deliver tss output to named UNIX file

                ~p      pop the output file

                ~q      disconnect from tss (quit)

                ~r file receive from HIS routine CSR/DACCOPY

                ~s file send file to HIS routine CSR/DACCOPY

                Ascii files may be most efficiently transmitted

                using the HIS routine CSR/DACCOPY in this fash-

                ion.  Underlined text comes from TSS.  AFTname is

                the 6070 file to be dealt with.

                        SYSTEM? CSR/DACCOPY (s) AFTname

                        Send Encoded File ~s file

                        SYSTEM? CSR/DACCOPY (r) AFTname

                        Receive Encoded File ~r file

FILES           /dev/dn0, /dev/dp0

SEE ALSO        --

DIAGNOSTICS     DONE when communication is broken.

BUGS            When diagnostic problems occur, tss exits rather