ROFF (I)                     6/12/72                     ROFF (I)

NAME            roff  --  format text

SYNOPSIS        roff [ +number ] [ -s ] [ -h ] file  ...

DESCRIPTION     roff formats text according to control lines em-

                bedded in the text in file , ... .  Encountering
                a nonexistent file terminates printing.  The op-

                tional argument "+number" causes printing to be-

                gin at the first page with that number.  The op-

                tional argument "-s" causes printing to stop be-

                fore each page including the first to allow paper

                manipulation; printing is resumed upon receipt of

                an interrupt signal.  The optional argument "-h"

                causes the output to contain horizontal tabs for

                two or more spaces that end on a tab stop.  An

                interrupt signal received during printing termi-

                nates all printing.  Incoming interconsole mes-

                sages are turned off during printing, and the

                original message acceptance state is restored

                upon termination.

                At the present time, there is no document de-

                scribing ROFF in full.  A Request Summary is at-


FILES           /etc/suftab     suffix hyphenation tables

                /tmp/rtm?       temporary

SEE ALSO        --


BUGS            -

                         REQUEST SUMMARY

Request Break   Initial Meaning

.ad     yes     yes     Begin adjusting right margins.

.ar     no      arabic  Arabic page numbers.

.br     yes     -       Causes a line break -- the filling of the

                        current line is stopped.

.bl n   yes     -       Insert contiguous block of n blank lines.

                        If necessary, a new page will be started

                        to accomodate the entire block.

.bp +n  yes     n=1     Begin new page and number it n.  If n is

                        not given, normal sequencing occurs.

.cc c   no      c=.     Control character becomes `c'.

.ce n   yes     -       Center the next n input lines, without


.de xx  no      -       Define macro named "xx" (definition ends

                        with a line beginning with "..").

.ds     yes     no      Double space; same as ".ls 2".

.ef t   no      t=''''  Even foot title becomes t.

.eh t   no      t=''''  Even head title becomes t.

.fi     yes     yes     Begin filling output lines.

.fo     no      t=''''  All foot titles are t.

.hc c   no      none    Hyphenation character set to `c'.

.he t   no      t=''''  All head titles are t.

.hx     no      -       Title lines are suppressed.

.hy n   no      n=1     Hyphenation is done, if n=1; and is not

                        done, if n=0.

.ig     no      -       Ignore input lines until and including a

                        line beginning with "..".

.in +n  yes     -       Indent n spaces from left margin.

.ix +n  no      -       Same as ".in" but without break.

.li n   no      -       Literal, treat next n lines as text.

.ll +n  no      n=65    Line length including indent is n charac-


.ls +n  yes     n=1     Line spacing set to n lines per output


.m1 n   no      n=2     n blank lines are put between the top of

                        a new page and the head title.

.m2 n   no      n=2     n blanks lines put between head title and

                        beginning of text on page.

.m3 n   no      n=1     n blank lines put between the end of text

                        and the foot title.

.m4 n   no      n=3     n blank lines put between the foot title

                        and the bottom of page.

.na     yes     no      Stop adjusting the right margin.

.ne n   no      -       Begin new page, if n output lines cannot

                        fit on present page.

.nn +n  no      -       The next n output lines are not numbered.

.n1     no      no      Output lines are numbered sequentially

                        beginning with 1 on each new page.  Head

                        and foot titles are not numbered.

.n2     no      no      Output lines are numbered sequentially

                        beginning with 1 on the next output line.

.ni +n  no      n=0     Line numbers are indented n.

.nf     yes     no      Stop filling output lines.

.nx filename    -       Change to input file "filename".

.of t   no      t=''''  Odd foot title becomes t.

.oh t   no      t=''''  Odd head title becomes t.

.pa +n  yes     n=1     Same as ".bp".

.pl +n  no      n=66    Total paper length taken to be n lines.

.po +n  no      n=0     Page offset.  All lines are preceded by N


.ro     no      arabic  Roman page numbers.

.sk n   no      -       n pages with head and foot titles but

                        otherwise blank will be output beginning

                        with the next page containing text.

.sp n   yes     -       Insert block of n blank lines.  If the

                        bottom of a page is reached, remaining

                        lines are not put on next page.

.ss     yes     yes     Single space output lines, equivalent to

                        ".ls 1".

.ta N M ...     -       Pseudotab settings.  Initial tab settings

                        are columns 9,17,25,...

.tc c   no      c=" "   Tab replacement character becomes "c".

.ti +n  yes     -       Temporarily indent next output line n


.tr abcd.. no   -       Translate a into b, c into d, etc.

.ul n   no      -       Underline the letters and numbers on the

                        next n input lines.