SORT (I)                     9/2/72                      SORT (I)

NAME            sort -- sort a file

SYNOPSIS        sort [ - ] [ input [ output ] ]

DESCRIPTION     sort will sort the input file and write the sort-

                ed file on the output file.  If the output file

                is not given, the input file is rewritten.  If

                the input file is missing, sort uses the standard

                input as input and the standard output for out-

                put.  Thus sort may be used as a filter.

                The sort is line-by-line in increasing ASCII col-

                lating sequence, except that upper-case letters

                are considered the same as the lower-case let-


                The optional argument - will cause a reverse


                sort is implemented in such a way that

                        sort /dev/mt0

                works correctly provided the tape is not too big.

FILES           /tmp/stm?

SEE ALSO        --


BUGS            The largest file that can be sorted is about 128K