FORML (I)                   10/24/72                    FORML (I)

NAME            forml -- form letter generator processor

SYNOPSIS        forml [ name ] ...

DESCRIPTION     A streamlined program for typing form letters.

                The names pick out prestored form letters pre-

                pared according to the conventions of form and

                roff.  The program prompts to get each blank

                filled in.  When all the forms are completed, it

                prompts "Set paper."  It waits for a newline be-

                fore printing each letter.

                If more than one name is given, the name of each

                letter is announced before the prompts for it be-

                gin.  If no names are given, the program asks

                "Which letter?" before each.  Respond with the

                name and a newline, or newline only when done.

                On a 2741 type terminal, the program assumes the

                letter is to be typed with a correspondence ball,

                and also prompts "Change ball."  Replace the ball

                at the end.

FILES           form.m (memory),

                forma, formb, ... temporaries

SEE ALSO        form(I), fed(I), roff(I)

DIAGNOSTICS     "Try again"--can't get a process

BUGS            --