NROFF (I)                    1/15/73                    NROFF (I)

NAME            nroff  --  format text

SYNOPSIS        nroff [+N] [-s] [-h] [-q] [-i] files

DESCRIPTION     nroff formats text according to control lines em-

                bedded in the text files.  The non-file option

                arguments are interpreted as follows:

                   +N Output will commence at the first page

                      whose page number is N (independent of

                      whether or not the page number is being


                   -s Stop between pages. Printing will halt pri-

                      or to each page (including the first) to

                      permit paper loading and changing. Printing

                      is restarted by typing either a "newline"

                      or "delete" character.

                   -h High-speed output. During output, strings

                      of space characters are replaced where pos-

                      sible with tab characters to speed up out-

                      put. Futhermore, if the output is directed

                      into a file or a pipe, this mode effec-

                      tively reduces the total number of charac-

                      ters in the file or pipe; this is espe-

                      cially important in multi-column output

                      where the temporary file(s) or pipe(s)

                      would otherwise contain a large number of

                      space characters.

                   -q The prompt names for insertions are not

                      printed and the bell character is sent in-

                      stead; in addition, the insertion is not

                      echoed. This mode permits insertions during

                      the actual output printing

                   -i Index mode. NROFF creates a file called

                      "index" containing every word output to-

                      gether with the line and page number. The

                      format is word, tab, page, tab, line, new-

                      line, etc. Invoking this mode slows down

                      the execution of NROFF considerably.

                Nroff is more completely described in [1].  A

                condensed Request Summary is included here.

FILES           /etc/suftab     suffix hyphenation tables

                /tmp/rtm?       temporary

SEE ALSO        [1] NROFF User's Manual (available as MM-73-



BUGS            -


Request  Initial  If no    Cause

Form     Value    Argument Break Explanation

I.  Page Control

.pl +N   N=66     N=66     no    Page Length.

.bp +N   N=1      -        yes   Begin Page.

.pn +N   N=1      ignored  no    Page Number.

.po +N   N=0      N=prev   no    Page Offset.

.ne N    -        N=1      no    NEed N lines.

II.  Text Filling, Adjusting, and Centering

.br      -        -        yes   BReak.

.fi      fill     -        yes   FIll output lines.

.nf      fill     -        yes   NoFill.

.ad c    adj,norm adjust   no    ADjust mode on.

.na      adjust   -        no    NoAdjust.

.ce N    off      N=1      yes   CEnter N input text lines.

III.  Line Spacing and Blank Lines

.ls +N   N=1      N=prev   no    Line Spacing.

.sp N    -        N=1      yes   SPace N lines

.lv N    -        N=1      no    OR-

.sv N    -        N=1      no    SaVe N lines.

.os      -        -        no    Output Saved lines.

.ns      space    -        no    No-Space mode on.

.rs      -        -        no    Restore Spacing.

.xh      off      -        no    EXtra-Half-line mode on.

IV.  Line Length and Indenting

.ll +N   N=65     N=prev   no    Line Length.

.in +N   N=0      N=prev   yes   INdent.

.ti +N   -        N=1      yes   Temporary Indent.

V.  Macros, Diversion, and Line Traps