CREF(I)                      2/5/73                       CREF(I)


     cref  -  make cross reference listing


     cref [ -acilostux123 ] name ...


     Cref makes a cross reference listing  of  program  files  in

     assembler  or  C format. The files named as arguments in the

     command line are searched for  symbols  in  the  appropriate


     The output report is in four columns:

     (1)     (2)     (3)     (4)

     symbol  file    see     text as it appears in file


     Cref uses either an ignore file or an only file.  If the  -i

     option is given, it will take the next available argument to

     be an ignore file name; if the -o option is given, the  next

     available  argument  will  be  taken  as  an only file name.

     Ignore and only files should be lists of  symbols  separated

     by  new  lines.  If an ignore file is given, all the symbols

     in that file will be ignored in columns (1) and (3)  of  the

     output.  If an only file is given, only symbols appearing in

     that file will appear  in  column  (1).   Only  one  of  the

     options  -i  or  -o may be used.  The default setting is -i.

     Assembler predefined symbols or C keywords are ignored.

     The -s option causes current symbols to be put in column  3.

     In the assembler, the current symbol is the most recent name

     symbol; in C, the current  function  name.   The  -l  option

     causes  the  line number within the file to be put in column


     The -t option causes the next available argument to be  used

     as  the  name of the intermediate temporary file (instead of

     /tmp/crt??).  The file is created and is not removed at  the

     end of the process.


       a   assembler format (default)

       c   C format input

       i   use ignore file (see above)

       l   put line number in col. 3 (instead of current symbol)

       o   use only file (see above)

       s   current symbol in col. 3 (default)

       t   user supplied temoprary file

       u   print only symbols that occur exactly once

       x   print only C external symbols

       1   sort output on column 1 (default)

       2   sort output on column 2

       3   sort output on column 3


     /tmp/crt??      temporaries

     /usr/lib/aign   default assembler ignore file

     /usr/lib/cign   default C ignore file

     /usr/bin/crpost post processor

     /usr/bin/upost  post processor for -u option

     /bin/sort       used to sort temporaries


     as(I), cc(I), sort(I)