TSS(I)                       3/15/72                       TSS(I)


     tss - interface to MH-TSS




     Tss will call the Honeywell 6070 on the 201 data phone.   It

     will  then  go  into  direct  access  with  MH-TSS.   Output

     generated by MH-TSS is typed  on  the  standard  output  and

     input  requested  by  MH-TSS is read from the standard input

     with UNIX typing conventions.

     An interrupt signal is transmitted as a `break' to MH-TSS.

     Input lines beginning with  `!'   are  interpreted  as  UNIX

     commands.  Input lines beginning with `~' are interpreted as

     commands to the interface routine.

          ~<file     insert input from named UNIX file

          ~>file     deliver tss output to named UNIX file

          ~p         pop the output file

          ~q         disconnect from tss (quit)

          ~r file    receive from HIS routine csr/daccopy

          ~s file    send file to HIS routine csr/daccopy

     Ascii files may be most efficiently  transmitted  using  the

     HIS  routine  csr/daccopy  in  this fashion.  Bold face text

     comes from MH-TSS.  Aftname is the 6070  file  to  be  dealt

     with; file is the UNIX file.

     SYSTEM?  csr/daccopy (s) aftname

     Send Encoded File ~s file

     SYSTEM?  csr/daccopy (r) aftname

     Receive Encoded File ~r file


     /dev/dn0, /dev/dp0, /etc/msh


     Most often, `Transmission error on last message.'


     When problems occur, and they often  do,  tss  exits  rather