TYPO(I)                      1/15/73                      TYPO(I)


     typo - find possible typos


     typo [ - ] file  ...


     Typo hunts through a document for unusual words, typographic

     errors,  and  hapax legomena and prints them on the standard


     The words used in the document are printed out in decreasing

     order of peculiarity along with an index of peculiarity.  An

     index of 10 or more is  considered  peculiar.   Printing  of

     certain very common English words is suppressed.

     The statistics for judging words are taken from the document

     itself,  with  some  help  from known statistics of English.

     The `-' option suppresses the help from English  and  should

     be used if the document is written in, for example, Urdu.

     Roff and nroff control lines are  ignored.   Upper  case  is

     mapped   into  lower  case.   Quote  marks,  vertical  bars,

     hyphens, and ampersands  are  stripped  from  within  words.

     Words hyphenated across lines are put back together.


     /tmp/ttmp??, /usr/lib/salt, /usr/lib/w2006


     Because of the mapping into lower case and the stripping  of

     special  characters,  words  may  be  hard  to locate in the

     original text.

     The expanded escape sequences of  troff  are  not  correctly