TYPE(I)                      6/12/72                      TYPE(I)


     type - type on 2741


     type file ...


     Type copies its input files to the fixed  output  port  ttyc

     converting to 2741 EBCDIC output code.  Before each new page

     (66 lines) and before each new file, type  stops  and  reads

     the  2741 before continuing.  This allows time for insertion

     of single sheet paper.  To continue, push the  ATTN  key  on

     the 2741.




     Since it is impossible to second guess a 2741,  quite  often

     it  is  necessary to print a # to put this device in a state

     it might already be in.

     The value of padding out a  page  with  up  to  66  carriage

     returns is doubtful.