NROFF(I)                     1/15/73                     NROFF(I)


     nroff  -  format text


     nroff [ +n ] [ -n ] [ -s ] [ -h ] [ -q ] [ -i ] files


     Nroff formats text according to control  lines  embedded  in

     the  text  files.   Nroff will read the standard input if no

     file arguments are given.  The non-file option arguments are

     interpreted as follows:

     +n   Output will commence  at  the  first  page  whose  page

         number is n or larger

     -n   will cause printing to stop after page n.

     -s   Stop prior  to  each  page  to  permit  paper  loading.

         Printing is restarted by typing a `newline' character.

     -h   Spaces are replaced where possible with tabs  to  speed

         up output (or reduce the size of the output file).

     -q   Prompt names for insertions are  not  printed  and  the

         bell  character  is  sent  instead; the insertion is not


     -i   Causes the standard input to be read after the files.

     Nroff is more completely  described  in  [1].   A  condensed

     Request Summary is included here.


     /usr/lib/suftab suffix hyphenation tables

     /tmp/rtm?       temporary


     [1] NROFF User's Manual, internal memorandum.


10 18 28 34


Request Initial If no   Cause

Form    Value   Argument        Break   Explanation

I.  Page Control

.pl +N  N=66    N=66    no      Page Length.

.bp +N  N=1     -       yes     Begin Page.

.pn +N  N=1     ignored no      Page Number.

.po +N  N=0     N=prev  no      Page Offset.

.ne N   -       N=1     no      NEed N lines.

II.  Text Filling, Adjusting, and Centering

.br     -       -       yes     BReak.

.fi     fill    -       yes     FIll output lines.

.nf     fill    -       yes     NoFill.

.ad c   adj,norm adjust no      ADjust mode on.

.na     adjust  -       no      NoAdjust.

.ce N   off     N=1     yes     CEnter N input text lines.

III.  Line Spacing and Blank Lines

.ls +N  N=1     N=prev  no      Line Spacing.

.sp N   -       N=1     yes     SPace N lines

.lv N   -       N=1     no      LeaVe N lines

.sv N   -       N=1     no      SaVe N lines.

.os     -       -       no      Output Saved lines.

.ns     space   -       no      No-Space mode on.

.rs     -       -       no      Restore Spacing.

.xh     off     -       no      EXtra-Half-line mode on.

IV.  Line Length and Indenting

.ll +N  N=65    N=prev  no      Line Length.

.in +N  N=0     N=prev  yes     INdent.

.ti +N  -       N=1     yes     Temporary Indent.

V.  Macros, Diversion, and Line Traps

.de xx  -       ignored no      DEfine or redefine a macro.

.ds xx  -       ignored no      Define or redefine String.

.rm xx  -       -       no      ReMove macro name.

.di xx  -       end     no      DIvert output to macro "xx".

.wh -N xx       -       -       no      WHen; set a line trap.

.ch xx y        -       -       no      CHange trap line.

.ch -N -M       -       -       no              "

.ch xx -M       -       -       no              "

.ch -N y        -       -       no              "

VI.  Number Registers

.nr ab +N -M    -       no      Number Register.

.nr a +N -M     -       no              "

.nc c   \n      \n      no      Number Character.

.ar     arabic  -       no      Arabic numbers.

.ro     arabic  -       no      Roman numbers.

.RO     arabic  -       no      ROMAN numbers.

VII.  Input and Output Conventions and Character Translations

.ta N,M,...     -       none    no      PseudoTAbs setting.

.tc c   space   space   no      Tab replacement Character.

.lc c   .       .       no      Leader replacement Character.

.ul N   -       N=1     no      UNderline input text lines.

.cc c   .       .       no      Basic Control Character.

.c2 c   '       '       no      Nobreak control character.

.ec c   -       \       no      Escape Character.

.li N   -       N=1     no      Accept input lines LIterally.

.tr abcd....    -       -       no      TRanslate on output.

VIII.  Hyphenation.

.nh     on      -       no      No Hyphen.

.hy     on      -       no      HYphenate.

.hc c   none    none    no      Hyphenation indicator Character.

IX.  Three Part Titles.

.tl 'left'center'right' -       no      TitLe.

.lt N   N=65    N=prev  no      Length of Title.

X.  Output Line Numbering.

.nm +N M S I    off     no      Number Mode on or off, set parameters.

.np M S I       -       reset   no      Number Parameters set or reset.

XI.  Conditional Input Line Acceptance

.if !N anything -       no      IF true accept line of "anything".

.if c anything  -       no              "

.if !c anything -       no              "

.if N anything  -       no              "

XII.  Environment Switching.

.ev N   N=0     N=prev  no      EnVironment switched.

XIII.  Insertions from the Standard Input Stream

.rd prompt      -       bell    no      ReaD insert.

.ex     -       -       no      EXit.

XIV.    Input File Switching

.so filename    -       -       no      Switch SOurce file (push down).

.nx filename    -       no      NeXt file.

XV.     Miscellaneous

.tm mesg        -       -       no      Typewriter Message

.ig     -       -       no      IGnore.

.fl     -       -       no      FLush output buffer.

.ab     -       -       no      ABort.