MERGE(I)                     11/7/73                     MERGE(I)


     merge - merge several files


     merge [ -anr ] [ -n ] [ +n ] [ name ... ]


     Merge merges several files together and writes the result on

     the  standard  output.   If  a  file  is  designated  by  an

     unadorned `-', the standard input is understood.

     The merge is  line-by-line  in  increasing  ASCII  collating

     sequence,  except that upper-case letters are considered the

     same as the corresponding lower-case letters.

     Merge understands several flag arguments.

     -a   Use strict ASCII collating sequence.

     -n   An initial numeric string, possibly preceded by '-', is

         sorted by numerical value.

     -r   Data is in reverse order.

     -n   The first n fields in each line are ignored.   A  field

         is  defined as a string of non-space, non-tab characters

         separated by tabs and spaces from its neighbors.

     +n   The first n characters are ignored.  Fields  (with  -n)

         are skipped before characters.




     Only 8 files can be handled; any further files are ignored.