MAIL(I)                     10/25/72                      MAIL(I)


     mail  -  send mail to another user


     mail [ -yn ]

     mail letter person ...

     mail person


     Mail without an argument searches for a file called mailbox,

     prints  it  if  present, and asks if it should be saved.  If

     the answer is y, the mail is renamed mbox, otherwise  it  is

     deleted.   Mail with a -y or -n argument works the same way,

     except that the answer to the question is  supplied  by  the


     When followed by the names of  a  letter  and  one  or  more

     people,  the  letter  is  appended to each person's mailbox.

     When a person is specified without a letter, the  letter  is

     taken  from  the sender's standard input up to an EOT.  Each

     letter is preceded by the sender's name and a postmark.

     A person is either a user name recognized by login, in which

     case  the  mail  is sent to the default working directory of

     that user, or the path name of a directory,  in  which  case

     mailbox in that directory is used.

     When a user logs in he is informed of the presence of mail.


     /etc/passwd     to identify sender and locate persons

     mailbox         input mail

     mbox            saved mail




     The mail should be prepended rather  than  appended  to  the

     mailbox.  The old mbox should not be destroyed when new mail

     is saved.