WC(I)                        3/15/72                        WC(I)


     wc - get (English) word count


     wc files


     Wc provides a count of the words, text  lines,  and  control

     lines  for each argument file.  If no files are provided, wc

     reads the standard input.

     A text line is a sequence of characters not  beginning  with

     `.',  `!' or `'' and ended by a new-line.  A control line is

     a line beginning with `.', `!' or `''.  A word is a sequence

     of characters bounded by the beginning of a line, by the end

     of a line, or by a blank or a tab.

     When there is more than one input file,  a  grand  total  is

     also printed.


     none; arguments not found are ignored.