3/15/72                                                   DPD (I)

NAME            dpd -- spawn data phone daemon

SYNOPSIS        /etc/dpd

DESCRIPTION     dpd is the 201 data phone daemon.  It is designed

                to submit jobs to the Honeywell 6070 computer via

                the gerts interface.

                dpd uses the directory /usr/dpd.  The file lock

                in that directory is used to prevent two daemons

                from becoming active.  After the daemon has suc-

                cessfully set the lock, it forks and the main

                path exits, thus spawning the daemon.  /usr/dpd

                is scanned for any file beginning with df.  Each

                such file is submitted as a job.  Each line of a

                job file must begin with a key character to spec-

                ify what to do with the remainder of the line

                   S directs dpd to generate a unique snumb card.

                   This card is generated by incrementing the

                   first word of the file /usr/dpd/snumb and con-

                   verting that to decimal concatenated with the

                   station ID.

                   L specifies that the remainder of the line is

                   to be sent as a literal.

                   B specifies that the rest of the line is a

                   file name. That file is to be sent as binary


                   F is the same as B except the file is prepend-

                   ed with a form feed.

                   U specifies that the rest of the line is a

                   file name.  After the job has been transmit-

                   ted, the file is unlinked.

                Any error encountered will cause the daemon to

                drop the call, wait up to 20 minutes and start

                over.  This means that an improperly constructed

                df file may cause the same job to be submitted

                every 20 minutes.

                While waiting, the daemon checks to see that the

                lock file still exists.  If the lock is gone, the

                daemon will exit.

FILES           /dev/dn0, /dev/dp0, /usr/dpd/*

SEE ALSO        opr(I)


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OWNER           ken