3/15/72                                                    LN (I)

NAME            ln  --  make a link

SYNOPSIS        ln name  [ name  ]
                       1       2

DESCRIPTION     ln creates a link to an existing file name .  If
                name  is given, the link has that name; otherwise
                it is placed in the current directory and its

                name is the last component of name .

                It is forbidden to link to a directory or to link

                across file systems.

FILES           --

SEE ALSO        rm(I)


BUGS            There is nothing particularly wrong with ln, but

                links don't work right with respect to the backup

                system:  one copy is backed up for each link, and

                (more serious) in case of a file system reload

                both copies are restored and the information that

                a link was involved is lost.

OWNER           ken, dmr