6/12/72                                                  STTY (I)

NAME            stty -- set teletype options

SYNOPSIS        stty option  ...

DESCRIPTION     Stty will set certain I/O options on the current

                output teletype.  The option strings are selected

                from the following set:

                   even    allow even parity.

                   -even   disallow even parity.

                   odd     allow odd parity

                   -odd    disallow odd parity

                   raw     raw input (no erase/kill)

                   -canon          "

                   -raw    negate raw mode (erase/kill)

                   canon           "

                   cr      allow (and echo) cr for lf.

                   -nl             "

                   nl      negate cr mode.

                   -cr             "

                   echo    echo back every character typed.

                   full            "

                   -half           "

                   half    do not echo characters as typed.

                   -echo           "

                   -full           "

                   lcase   map upper case to lower case

                   -ucase          "

                   ucase   do not map case

                   -lcase          "

                   space   map tabs into spaces

                   -tab            "

                   tab     do not map tabs

                   -space          "

                   delay   calculate cr and tab delays.

                   -delay  no cr/tab delays

                   ebcdic  ebcdic ball conversion (2741 only)

                   -corres         "

                   corres  correspondence ball conversion (2741 only)

                   -ebcdic         "

FILES           standard output.

SEE ALSO        stty(II)

DIAGNOSTICS     "Bad options"

BUGS            --

OWNER           jfo