3/15/72                                                    PR (I)

NAME            pr  --  print file

SYNOPSIS        pr [ -lcm ] name  ...

DESCRIPTION     pr produces a printed listing of one or more

                files.  The output is separated into pages headed

                by the name of the file, a date, and the page


                The optional flag -l causes each page to contain

                78 lines instead of the standard 66 to accomodate

                legal size paper.

                The optional flag -c (current date) and -m (modi-

                fied date) specify which date will head all sub-

                sequent files.  -m is default.

                Interconsole messages via write(I) are forbidden

                during a pr.

FILES           /dev/tty?  to suspend messages.

SEE ALSO        cat(I), cp(I), mesg(I)

DIAGNOSTICS     -- (files not found are ignored)

BUGS            none

OWNER           ken, dmr