3/15/72                                                   OPR (I)

NAME            opr -- off line print

SYNOPSIS        opr file  ...

DESCRIPTION     opr will arrange to have the 201 data phone dae-

                mon submit a job to the Honeywell 6070 to print

                the file arguments.  Normally, each file is

                printed in the state it is found when the data

                phone daemon reads it.  If a particular file ar-

                gument is preceded by + then opr will make a copy

                for the daemon to print.  If the file argument is

                preceded by - then opr will unlink the file.

FILES           /usr/dpd/*      spool area

                /etc/ident      personal ident cards

                /etc/dpd        daemon

SEE ALSO        dpd(I), ident(V)


BUGS            Since all but the + option in opr is implemented

                with links, one cannot use these options for

                files not in /usr.

                opr should recognize + and - alone and apply them

                to all subsequent arguments.

OWNER           ken