3/15/72                                                   WHO (I)

NAME            who  --  who is on the system

SYNOPSIS        who [ who-file ]

DESCRIPTION     who, without an argument, lists the name, type-

                writer channel, and login time for each current

                UNIX user.

                Without an argument, who examines the /tmp/utmp

                file to obtain its information.  If a file is

                given, that file is examined.  Typically the

                given file will be /tmp/wtmp, which contains a

                record of all the logins since it was created.

                Then who will list all logins and logouts since

                the creation of the wtmp file.

FILES           /tmp/utmp

SEE ALSO        login(I), init(VII)

DIAGNOSTICS     "?" if a named file cannot be read.

BUGS            --

OWNER           dmr, ken