6/12/72                                                  ROFF (I)

NAME            roff  --  format text

SYNOPSIS        roff [ +number1 ] [ -number2 ] [ -stop ] name  ...

DESCRIPTION     roff formats text according to control lines em-

                bedded in the text in file , ... .  Encountering
                a nonexistent file terminates printing.  The op-

                tional argument "+number1" causes printing to be-

                gin at the first page numbered number1; the op-

                tional argument "-number2" stops printing after

                the page numbered number2.  The optional argument

                "-stop" or "-s" causes printing to stop before

                each page including the first to allow paper ma-

                nipulation; printing is resumed upon receipt of

                an interrupt signal.  An interrupt signal re-

                ceived during printing terminates all printing.

                Incoming interconsole messages are turned off

                during printing, and the original message accep-

                tance state is restored upon termination.

                roff is described in a separate publication [1].

FILES           /etc/suftab     suffix hyphenation tables

                /tmp/rtm?       temporary

SEE ALSO        [1] (See J. F. Ossanna)


BUGS            --

OWNER           jfo