3/15/72                                                  GOTO (I)

NAME            goto  --  command transfer

SYNOPSIS        goto label

DESCRIPTION     goto is only allowed when the Shell is taking

                commands from a file.  The file is searched (from

                the beginning) for a line beginning with ":" fol-

                lowed by one or more spaces followed by the la-

                bel.  If such a line is found, the goto command

                returns.  Since the read pointer in the command

                file points to the line after the label, the ef-

                fect is to cause the Shell to transfer to the la-

                belled line.

                ":" is a do-nothing command that only serves to

                place a label.

FILES           --

SEE ALSO        sh(I), :(I)

DIAGNOSTICS     "goto error", if the input file is a typewriter;

                "label not found".

BUGS            --

OWNER           dmr