3/15/72                                                    DU (I)

NAME            du  --  summarize disk usage

SYNOPSIS        du  [ -s ] [ -a ] [ name ... ]

DESCRIPTION     du gives the number of blocks contained in all

                files and (recursively) directories within each

                specified directory or file name.  If name is

                missing, . is used.

                The optional argument -s causes only the grand

                total to be given.  The optional argument -a

                causes an entry to be generated for each file.

                Absence of either causes an entry to be generated

                for each directory only.

                A file which has two links to it is only counted


FILES           .

SEE ALSO        --


BUGS            Non-directories given as arguments (not under -a

                option) are not listed.

                Removable file systems do not work correctly

                since i-numbers may be repeated while the corre-

                sponding files are distinct.  Du should maintain

                an i-number list per root directory encountered.

OWNER           dmr