3/15/72                                                    DS (I)

NAME            ds  --  directory consistency check

SYNOPSIS        ds [ output ]

DESCRIPTION     ds will walk the directory tree from the root

                keeping a list of every file encountered.  The

                second pass will read the i-list and compare the

                number of links there with the actual number

                found.  All discrepancies are noted.

                If an argument is given, a complete printout of

                file names by i-number is output on the argument.

FILES           /, /dev/rk0, /tmp/dstmp

SEE ALSO        check(I)

DIAGNOSTICS     inconsistent i-numbers

BUGS            the root is noted as inconsistent due to the fact

                that / exists in no directory.  (Its i-number is


                ds should take an alternate file system argument.

OWNER           ken