6/12/72                                                 ISTAT (I)

NAME            istat  --  get inode status

SYNOPSIS        istat inumber  ...

DESCRIPTION     istat gives information about one or more i-nodes

                on the given file system /dev/rk0.

                The information is basically in the same for as

                that for stat(I), All information is self-

                explanatory except the mode.  The mode is a

                seven-character string whose characters mean the


                   1 a: i-node is allocated

                     u: i-node is free (no file)

                   2 s: file is small (smaller than 4096 bytes)

                     l: file is large

                   3 d: file is a directory

                     x: file is executable

                     u: set user ID on execution

                     -: none of the above

                   4 r: owner can read

                     -: owner cannot read

                   5 w: owner can write

                     -: owner cannot write

                   6 r: non-owner can read

                     -: non-owner cannot read

                   7 w: non-owner can write

                     -: non-owner cannot write

                The owner is almost always given in symbolic

                form;  however if he cannot be found in

                "/etc/uids" a number is given.

                If the number of arguments to stat is not exactly

                1 a header is generated identifying the fields of

                the status information.

FILES           /etc/uids, /dev/rk0

SEE ALSO        stat(I) ls(I) (-l option)

DIAGNOSTICS     "name?" for any error.

BUGS            istat should take an optional alternate filesys-

                tem argument.

OWNER           dmr