3/15/72                                                  SALV (I)

NAME            salv -- file system salvage

SYNOPSIS        /etc/salv

DESCRIPTION     salv will reconstruct the file system /dev/rk0 to

                a consistent state.  This is the first step in

                putting things together after a bad crash.  Salv

                performs the following functions:

                   A valid free list is constructed.

                   All bad pointers in the file system are ze-


                   All duplicate pointers to the same block are

                   resolved by changing one of the pointers to

                   point at a new block containing a copy of the


                After a salv, a warm boot must be performed in-

                stantly to effect the change made.  (Because the

                salv works on the disk copy of the file system

                super-block, and the core copy is unaffected.)

                After a salv, files may be safely created and re-

                moved without causing more trouble.  However, it

                is more likely than not that directories are cor-

                rupted as well, so a ds should be performed.

FILES           /dev/rk0

SEE ALSO        check(I), ds(I)


BUGS            The file system to be salvaged should be an argu-


OWNER           ken